The first degree awarding university in the Americas for Arabic Literature & Arabic Islamic Studies



How many degrees does Alqarawiyeen offer?

First - BA, Arabic Language Literature

Second - BA, Scholar of Islamic Studies, Arabic Program

Third - AA, Arabic as a second language.

Can I apply for a part-time program? Or take classes of interest without seeking a degree?


Our intent is education for all.

All students must go through the application process.

Can I study while living in a different state?

Our Programs are Interactive through video conferencing due to COVID-19.  Students can attend in person when available. Students can also study remotely but must have over 90% attendance

Do you offer a standard set of classes every quarter?

Full time Students attend four classes for each level per quarter adding up to 12 units. Part time students can pick and choose depending on availability.    

Do you accept transfer classes from outside AlQarawiyeen?


Expenses  & Financials

What is the cost per unit?

Please see financials and Tuition section.

Do you offer scholarships?

Not currently.

Students are encouraged to find their own supporters.

Campus Life

Is there on-campus living?

Will be available second half of 2021.

Is there a cost for on-campus living?


Is there a dress code?

Proper Islamic Dress.

Prerequisites &  Requirements 

Do I need to master Arabic to apply?

No, the university offers a full program in Arabic language. Extensive Arabic learning is available to enable students to become fluent in Arabic since Arabic is the language of studies and instruction. ALL students must pass an Arabic Language qualification exam.

Do I need to pass a test for Islamic Studies?

No, that is why we exist. We exist to share the Islamic knowledge with our students. The more knowledgeable a student is the more learning they will acquire.

What level of education is required to apply?

High School Diploma.

Application Process

What makes me eligible to apply?

High school diploma holders or who pass a high school exam or equivalent. However, there is an exception for highly motivated students with good grades and strong recommendations.

Can I apply if I live outside of the US?

Yes, however our concentration is on the Americas.

Is there a cost to apply?

$100, for application processing.

Is there a minimum high school GPA to apply?

Yes, 3.0 for Full Time Applicants. However, special considerations can be given if students can show good grades in areas of social sciences and other fields of study.

Who should write my three letters of recommendation?

Scholars, Imams, and Educators.

What can I do to strengthen my application?

Show a path of commitment to learning.