The first degree awarding university in the Americas for Arabic Literature & Arabic Islamic Studies

Arabic is the language 
of love, imagination, 
poetry and beauty.

It also teaches depth, accuracy, and fluidity.  The Arabic 
language originates from the heart and flows on the 


Learn arabic more 

Learning Arabic ,

the first spoken
language by humanity

Teaching and learning Arabic is a passion at الْقَرَوِيِّينَ University. 
Our graduates will be able to understand high levels of the Arabic 
language that can enable them to handle studies at Arab 
universities. They will be able to translate smoothly and navigate 
modern Arabic books and classic scriptures dating back 
thousands of years. We put our expertise at your service 
to transport you to a new world of Arabic reading, learning 
and translating.

Multi Cultural Environment

Alqarawiyyeen University is multinational multicultural and
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Build Lasting

Alqarawiyyeen University is multinational multicultural and
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Seminars and
Group Work

Alqarawiyyeen University is multinational multicultural and
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    Learning Arabic is the key

    to learn Quran, Hadeeth,
    poetry and Islamic world.​

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Learn your deen, Learn Islam
Learn Arabic, Quran & Hadeeth

Why did I love 

the Arabic










When I found this page I was really happy

 about, because I like a lot to learn

 languages, and Arabic is one of my

 favorites to learn.


I'm always impressed by Fus-ha Arabiyya. My uncle, Ab'drashid, who passed away couple of months ago (may Allah receive him in His Infinite Rahama), always speaks in Fus-ha Arabiyya.



I heard people speaking it on the street 

 and it caught my attention. I fell in love with

 this language.

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